Tamara Golden

When my water heater; that was on the second level in my house, burst and water went everywhere, a friend of mine recommended AmeriDream to me. All I had to do was just call, they took care of the water heater problem by setting me up with a new one, they also repaired all the damage that was done by the water and completely restored my home. I was very impressed with how fast everything was back to normal and I will always recommend this company to everyone.

Charles Dainzer

When I got tired of my old kitchen and needed a new outside rail I found an AmeriDream business card laying around so I gave them a call. I didn’t even need to shop around to find the best price because the quote I got was appealing and the level of professionalism was top of the line. These guys were down to business, they were in and out and done with the project in a flash. The quality of the work was more than I expected they really went the extra mile for me and I’m sure they would for anyone of their costumers. If I ever do anything else regarding construction I will only call AmeriDream.

Joshua and Jennifer Miller

My wife and I hired AmeriDream to do a three room and three bath addition. We were given a fair estimate with a reasonable price. Our expectations for the craftsmanship were exceeded and we were fully satisfied with customer service. Our project was complete in a timely fashion and spot on what we wanted. I would recommend this company time and time again because the overall experience was remarkable.